Textualities 2023

  • A Post-Nuclear Fireside Chat

    Welcome back! We have another intriguing interview for you to peruse today from none other than Hanke Kelber, our post-apocalyptic correspondent for Textualities ‘23; but perhaps we should let her explain in her own words… Q: Good afternoon, and thanks for seeing us! Could you please introduce yourself and let us know where you’ve studied? […]

  • Vicarious Conversation

    Today you find us in happy mood, gentle reader! One of the presenters at our upcoming Textualities ’23 conference took the time to sit down and give us an interview, so let’s crack on without further intro, to Charlotte Troy. *** Q: Thanks for talking to us today! Please, introduce yourself, and tell us where […]

  • Behold and Be Amazed!

    Ladies et. al, we have a poster. Things are now officially heating up!

  • Welcome, One and All!

    Welcome, fellow traveller, the official blog of the upcoming Textualities ’23 conference, being held on April 6th by the year’s crop of MA English students at University College Cork’s English Department. This conference is an informal gathering held annually for the benefit of us poor struggling postgrads, to give us some miles beneath our wheels […]

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